Our goal

Supply and Prepare the Best, In the least time


ARTIMAN FOODS started activity to supplying spices in the domestic markets and exporting nuts and dried fruts and saffron to other countries of the world in 2007. ARTIMAN supply and export a wide variety of products, from many different categories: Saffron and Saffron Innovative Products, Dried Fruits,spices, Barberry, Dates, Honey, Fruit Rolls, Rock Candy and Instants and Tea. The company grew constantly over the following years expanding its product range, enlarging its geographic reach across continents, and widening constantly its customer base. ARTIMAN FOODS exports to more than 25 countries across the world consisting of the Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Canada, Australia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and South Africa and….. .

Send the product at the best time

At Artiman, we try to our customers receiveed their selected products as soon as possible, so the processing and shipping process takes place immediately after order registration.

The healthiest agricultural products

At Artiman, we provide our customers with the healthiest products grown without pesticides by inspecting various farms in Iran.

Supply of the best agricultural products

We try to provide the healthiest and freshest products from the best farms and fields of Iran, to maintain the health of our customers.

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